Alie Kabba 2

Alie Kabba Speaks:

Fellow Sierra Leoneans:

I want you all to know that in spite of the toxic mix of judicial travesties and ridiculous propaganda stratagems, schemes and schemata, the Alie Kabba Campaign remains strong, vibrant, undistracted, issue-based, clear-visioned, unbought and unbroken!!

I want to assure my supporters, the SLPP family, and my fellow Sierra Leoneans that I am resolute in my fight to make Sierra Leone a shining light on the hilltop of Africa!

If any unjust restrictions are placed on me, rest assured that I will reject them with the disdain they deserve, for acquiescence to such flagrant injustice is tantamount to the coddling of unruliness and despotism.

As I have said many a time before, whatever I am forced to endure here in Sierra Leone, with my life on the line, is nothing compared to the universal pain and suffering our people deal with everyday.

I want you all, supporters at home and in the diaspora as well as non-supporters alike, to stay strong and firm in your faith in Sierra Leone and to be optimistic about its future, even when we are confronted with the collapse of democracy and rule of law.

I would like those of us in the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) to realize that there was SLPP before the current Flagbearer contest and there will be SLPP after the Flagbearer election. So let’s be respectful in our dealings and make this a campaign of vision and not personalities.

We can easily unite and present a formidable challenge to the ruling party, but we need to put a lid on infighting and concentrate on designing the best electoral ground game to take our party back to State House with a majority in parliament.

To win, we must champion the aspirations of the 99% of our people who have been chained by the excruciating pains of poverty, unemployment and underemployment for far too long.

To win, we must be unapologetic and unequivocal in our opposition to corruption, impunity, widening social inequality and indifference to the plight of the poor.

Yes, to win, SLPP must be the party that affirms human dignity and social justice as foundational elements of our party platform.

Let’s unite to achieve victory and end the predatory politics of the current narcissistic ruling class before it is too late!

If you are sick and tired of the status quo and ready for real change, I invite you to join the Alie Kabba Campaign today for a radical progressive transformation of the nation.

One Country One People!!

Everyone in…No one out!!

Everyone up…No one down!!

Your Humble Servant,
Alie Kabba