Sierra Leone Government consultant Pathologist and head of the Scientific Support Unit (SSU), Dr. Simeon Owizz Koroma has stated that he is over loaded with corpses on which to conduct autopsy and that there is an urgent need to improve on remuneration and conditions of service for him as motivation.

Simeon Owizz Koroma

Dr. Koroma made the disclosure yesterday in Freetown. He noted that he is inundated with work in conducting postmortem examination on the bodies of deceased.

He contended though that if conditions of service are improve it would go a long way to attract and retain young doctors. He maintained that his work was too heavy considering his age.

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“If government could help us along that line, you would have solve the numerous problem of manpower shortage of Pathologist. I am the only Pathologist in the entire country. Young doctors are scared to come in to stay because the conditions or service are bad,” he said.

He noted however, that autopsy reports are not necessarily delayed by him but due to the tedious nature of his job.

Dr. Koroma boasted that he is among the first 25 Pathologists in the whole World, adding that he is a Police Superintendent who provide assistant to the courts’ across the country by testifying in each and every murder trial after conducting postmortem which according to him help Magistrates and Judges to arrive at a sound verdict.

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He blamed the government for the dilapidated condition of his office and vehicle, stressing that there is absolutely no encouragement given to him to wet his appetite in performing state functions. He disclosed that he has to travel around the country to perform autopsy whenever a murder incident is reported.

He told this reporter that he was just coming from Kenema district where he carried out an autopsy for three hours on the body of a deceased who was allegedly murdered.

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He explained that he receive instructions from the Chief medical officer in the Ministry of Health and Sanitation Dr. Brima Kargbo before each and every autopsy is performed, adding that relatives of victims must also be present for identification of the body before he commence operation.

The Pathologist stated that many young doctors often express interest in the profession but as soon as they realized the conditions of service of a Pathologist are bad, they back off and look for a more lucrative areas.