Following his statements in an interview on 98.1 radio democracy last Thursday, there have been controversies whether the godfather of Sierra Leone music, Jimmy Bangura, belongs to a political party.

Jimmy B

Infact, there have been circulating reports on social media that Jimmy is a member of the main opposition Sierra Leone people’s party SLPP.

However, debunking the claims, John Ngegba, who is believed to be a member of the Jimmy B’s team, wrote: “The music legend has never been a party card carrier for any political party and he has no intention of joining a political party for now ,but he clearly stated that he supported late president Kabba because he believes in his leadership qualities then as an individual and their was nothing wrong for such because the man was a democrat who respected the sacred document called the constitution of sierra Leone.”

John further said that the music tycoon is not a supporter of the ‘More Time’ campaign, contrary to claim of some entertainers in the music sect.

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According to John, Jimmy Bangura told the nation that the statement made by Collabo that 98% of musicians wants MORE TIME for president Koroma is false and he and all the others like steady Bongo, King Fisher, Daddy Saj, Emerson etc do not support more time and advised Collabo to refrain from using the name of artists to propagate rumor and he promised to call on Collabo as his younger brother to advise him on the issue and he also stated that anything against the constitution He will not support.

“As a citizen He (Jimmy B) has the right to vote as many others, his main aim is to contribute to the socio- economic development of his country. He doesn’t belong to a political party”, John concluded