Presidential aspirant for the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and former United Nations envoy, Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella (In political circles otherwise known as KKY) has asserted that there is nothing wrong in being a professional and a politician, as long as the two does not get mixed up.


He made this disclosure to Awoko in an interview on why he is always in and out of the Country and at the same time has an ambition to be the SLPP flag bearer for the 2018, General Elections.

Dr. Yumkella in a relaxed but confident mood said, “Yes I declared my intention to become the next presidential hopeful of the SLPP, but at the same time I am a professional and people need my services, which is service to humanity to build human resource capacity.”

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Reportedly comparing himself with his flagbearer aspirant counterpart, Maada Bio who allegedly does not have a Job, He noted that whenever he is in country, he practices both politics and his professional career giving public lectures to tertiary institutions, to enlighten young people on the importance of education, which is the driving seat of socioeconomic development.

Despite being retired the former Secretary of State Trade and UN envoy of the Secretary-General on renewable energy for Africa, added that he is still passing on knowledge on how Africa can set the agenda for a complete revolution in the energy sector, using renewable alternatives, which will boost the socio-economic development and make Africa self-sufficient and a great competitor with other developed nations.

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Dr. Yumkella stated that every human is a political animal, but this should no way affect his or her professional work, citing that misunderstanding and mixing politics and professionalism is a recipe for underdevelopment and prolonged stay in power, which is responsible for the many chaos in most African countries, when professionals, especially civil servants forget that they are professionals and toe the line of politicians who are only elected for a period of time.

In short, the former diplomat said because professionals forget their role in national development, which includes social cohesion, and act like politicians, they give hope to the politicians that all is well, and making them forget that they owe an obligation to the people, and not fulfilling on the promises they made before they were elected into office.

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The SLPP Presidential aspirant furthered that being a politician and a professional does not mean one cannot perform distinguishing the two roles which are completely different, but if one learns to be self-discipline and maintain integrity, the two roles can work simultaneously, perfectly well.

He said it is only when Africans start to distinguish between profession and politics, only then it will wake up from its deep slumber, and its people will begin to taste the sweetness of the abundance milk and honey of the Continent.