The President, Sierra Leone Traditional Healers Union (SLTHU), Alhaji Dr Suleiman Kamara, on Saturday described the practice of breaking tombs and carting away chopped off decomposed body parts as devilish.

Alhaji Dr. Suleiman Kabba

He made this disclosure whiles responding to accusations of them being the perpetrators of the recent cracking open of graves across Freetown’s cemeteries.

The SLTHU President blamed the practice on “some evil persons” who are not Traditional healers but killers that are chasing money or others who want to become famous in society either in politics or other areas.

Alhaji Dr Suleiman Kamara disclosed that these people are interested in human parts such as private parts, tongue, palm, foot, breast among others for rituals to gain fame, be popular and even for political reasons which are not part of tradition.

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“Cannibalism has been in existence for a very long time in Sierra Leone. There had been a time when people were afraid of walking through some areas for fear of being killed for sacrifices,” he says

“People should refer to such persons as evil not tradition. Traditional Healers are far away from such evil practice. We are just waiting for the clearance for us to go into action to unearth the mysteries behind such act” the President maintained.

According to him, even before he was born, some traditional practices were bad as people used to do things that were not in accordance with the law. He explained that some people were even using it as a business by using traditional (witch) guns to shoot others and in turn heal them after receiving huge sums of money.

“As a President I will act very fast to discourage the increase of such acts that is damaging the integrity of our Union. People are accusing us of involving in such acts” he complained.

He also mentioned that there are some secret societies, which are actively involved in such practices, which is why he and his Union have demanded for clearance from the appropriate authorities for them to go into action.

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Dr Kabba having condemned the practice, disclosed that he has requested for clearance from the Vice President of Sierra Leone, the Sierra Leone Police, Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Freetown City Council for his Union to go into active search of such people that are involved in the act of desecrating the dead.

He however assured the general public that the coming general elections will go on peacefully as his Union will soon put a halt to the act of attacking and breaking open tombs, disclosing that they are aware of the fact that some people are hiring and importing foreign herbalist to come and do evil act for them in the country, but will soon put a stop to that to ensure a safe and clean country.