According to Information minister, Mohamned Bangura, the SLPP running mate in the 2012 Presidential election, Dr. Kadi Sesay had secretly gone to be President Koroma over the recent independence day activities of the SLPP members.


The minister was reacting to comments made by the leadership of the SLPP following the detention of their members including the party’s women leader, Lulu Sheriff.

The leadership of the SLPP had condemned the arrest and detention, describing it as a violation of human rights. However, Minister pointed out that the situation was unfortunate, while stating that it was just a week after their decent deliberations on the issue with a delegation from the party led by the party’s running mate in the 2012 Presidential Race, Dr. Kadi Sesay to the President through the Vice President. Some members of the party started bashing the government.

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He said when Dr. Kadi Sesay and her team met the vice president the night the fracas broke out, they disclose that they want to see the president not to talk about who is right from who is wrong but to just accept responsibility for all that happened on that Independence Day.

The Minister emphasized that she faithfully confessed that it was lawless of their members to have come out without police clearance.

He said she apologized to the President on behalf of her party and further promised that the party shall take responsibility of the damages caused at the Anti-Corruption Commission building and other areas and added that they shall issue a press release condemning their lawless members and publicly apologies for their misconduct.

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The Minister went on to intimate journalists of government’s plans to write a letter to the international community, informing them of the lawless behavior put up by members of the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party.

He said for Dr. Kadi Sesay and her delegation to visit the Vice President at the dark of the night to apologise to the President and during the day their party members condemn the government on the issue is double standards and such deceitfulness is not far from looking out for trouble.

He said the government is busy addressing the challenges faced by the citizens and could not be distracted by an opposition party that does not engage them on policy.