Last year, Sierra Leonean singer and model, Heyden Adama was accused of stealing cash and valuables from Nigeria singer, Waconzy.


According to the report published in several Nigerian blogs, the media representatives of Waconzy said He as robbed of his cash and valuables worth over half a million Naira by Heyden Adama.

“They were both in California for a photoshoot with an all-expense paid by Waconzy to support Heyden Adama’s career and while they were on their way to the photo location, Heyden Adama drove away with Waconzy’s personal belongings and cash amounting to over 500k in Naira leaving Waconzy in the desert” read the statement issued by Media reps of the South-South Nigeria singer.

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The Kele Kele singer has been silent on the accusations until recently when She spoke to Sierraloaded.


Narrating her part of the story, Heyden said: “We went to LA to shoot a video ( you can confirm that with duian Richmond), I rented a car since he couldn’t drive in the states. When we are supposed to shoot the next day he’s talking about he wants a relationship and marriage and baby and what not. I cleared that off by being totally honest with me. I told him I am not interested in anyone at the moment and that I am focusing on my work since I just got of a really bad relationship. He didn’t like that very much. He canceled the video shoot said he had to go back to NY or Maryland”

“He was saying something really inappropriate and I got agitated and told him not to talk to me like that.I told him to get out of my car He wanted to get physical so I threatened to call the police, I even dial the number.”

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“He got out took his things I drove off. The police called me about an hour later that he told them I kicked him out of the car and he left this and that there. I told them to come and look”

Asked if She really robbed Waconzy of cash and valuables worth $2000, Heyden replied: “If He had that kind of money on him why didn’t he rent the car?”

Narrating her ordeal with Men, Heyden said so many guys bash her because She does not engage in sexual relationship with them,

“Lots of these guys will go way out to bash me because I am not romantically into them. And it sucks because I get along with boys so much better.”

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Heyden, who is expected to release her first album later this year seems determined to see the issue trashed out. She explained that Waconzy is expected to be in her coming album.

When asked if She will sort out things with him soon, “I don’t have a problem with him, At all.”, She replied.