Head of Civil Service Dr. Ernest Surrur has apologised to Members of Parliament on behalf of the Civil Service and all vote controllers for failing to be part of the 2017 budget debate.

Ernest Surrur

He continued that “I did not bother to remind vote controllers because it is my expectation that they already know they should be present for the debate. Dr. Surrur promised Parliament that he will ensure that such behaviour never repeats itself.

The Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Sheku.B.B. Dumbuya addressed Dr Ernest Surrur “this attitude of Civil Servant has become a trend and it appears that they have made it a habit not to take part in budget debate”

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Members of Parliament (MPs) at the initial stage of the debate pointed out that since the start of the debate on the 2017 financial budget, Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and vote controllers have been consistently absent from the process.

MPs added “the various MDAs do not take Parliament serious as far as this budget is concerned.” Hon. Hassan Sheriff suggested that the allocation to MDAs be withheld if they do not come and contribute in the debate process.