The defeated APC candidate for the Parliamentary seat in Constituency 001 in Kailahun District, Haja Nasaratu Jalloh has filed a petition against the elected Member of Parliament, the National Electoral Commission (NEC), the National Returning Officer and the Kailahun District Returning Officer.

Navo Kaikai

The petition which was received by the Hon. Kaikai on Monday 26th September, was dated 18th July and it gave six grounds which states that there were instances of double voting in certain polling stations like KLDEC and Sandeyaly.

The particulars also included that the Hon. Navo Kaikai on the polling day was wearing her party colour in the presence of the representatives of the Returning Officer of NEC and after she (Kaikai) voted she was seen campaigning in several polling stations. Also that the officials of NEC “negligently and or/wilfully failed to take any action against the said Navo Kaikai.”

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Jalloh further stated in her particulars of petition that contrary to the directives of the AIG East and NEC “imposing restrictions on the use of both government and private registered vehicles on the polling day, the Chairman District Council and other members of the opposing party used their vehicles … to chauffeur supporters of the 1st respondent to and from polling stations thus leaving the petitioner at the disadvantaged position.” Also the petitioner claimed that “the opposition party also brought voters registered in Kenema to vote in Kailahun”.

Nasaratu Jalloh ‘prays as follows’ that “its determined that Navo Kaikai of the SLPP was not duly elected or returned as an MP for Constituency 001, that the elections of the 9th July 2016, be declared null and void and an injunction restraining all statutory and other authorities and/or officials from endorsing and/ recognising the said Navo Kaikai as MP until the hearing and determination of this action.”

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In a response to the petition, Honourable Navo Kaikai said “I am not bothered, APC is just desperate to get my seat but I have won it in a free, fair, transparent and democratic purpose” she said her opponent was too confident that they will win “because of the position of her husband who is an adviser to the president. Democracy is sad in the country that people don’t accept defeat because they are in the ruling government.”

Hon. Kaikai said the APC used “physical intimidation did not work so they have resolved into court but I am ready to go to court and to prove that all the allegations are false.”

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She disclosed that even during the elections the environment was peaceful everyone was going about their business and I was happy with MAC-P since I had lost confidence in the Police.

Hon. Navo said all the allegations are baseless and for the vehicles they agreed that all candidates should have ten cars and “I did not even have that number of cars”, and for the voters she was petitioned to ferry from Kenema to vote in Kailahun, she said “if people are registered voters in Kailahun and are working or living out of Kailahun they should go and vote.”

Hon. Navo Kaikai said “I am determined and will fight to the last.”