Sierraloaded can authoritatively report that Sierra Leonean citizens based in the West African francophone country of Guinea Bissau have seriously been brutalized by the state military personnel as per instructions from their government.

Xenophobic Attacks

As history would vividly permit to take a triumphant look back into the better days, only Sierra Leone’s anterior president “Kabba” had established a decent bilateral relationship with the republic of Guinea Bissau. Whiles Sierra Leones’s existing government purposely disregards this stunning relationship created by the mostly able previous president.

In a district called Tomboli district in Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leoneans living there do not have a good record of the president Koroma’s led government. As usual, sham promises and neglect continues to exist being the custom of the APC since in the beginning of days. Yet citizens continue to suffer in the diaspora, for which Sierra Leonean communities in Guinea Bissau are not exception.

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In a live interview with the district chairpersons and the APC public relations woman at the Tomboli district in Guinea Bissau, Sierraloaded gathered that there have been incidences of military brutalization involving sexual and humanitarian indecent treatments such as burning of the residents of Sierra Leonean citizens.

But it seems as if the APC government is of knowledge as to what occurrences are as at present, as massages been sent to Sierra Leoneans in Guinea Bissau from the APC headquarters in Freetown are of clarity that the party is unhappy with its members, for reasons best known to them.

Presently, over two villages have been burn down and it could be recall that such an incident has once occurred in February 2015 and now another reoccurrence in this April. As Sierra Leonean community habitants find their way out of the country, women and children are presently in need of urgent humanitarian aid, while they remain at large.

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The non-existence of diplomatic personnel to represent the four thousand (4,000) people may have resulted into such hostile circumstances of human reality. However, one may want to ask, “Why is it that the APC government couldn’t bridge the gap of having a better relationship with the government of Guinea Bissau?” also in an imaginary concept, what holds the impending when the APC and the Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma led government upholds meaningless a sham promising ideology?

Sierra Leone is been considered as un serious and none respectful to the Guinea Bissau government, the information minister of Guinea Bissau establishes that there is nothing that binds both countries and in fact, no Sierra Leonean community should ever exist in their country.