Guaranty Trust Bank (SL) has posted an impressive jump in Profit Before Tax of Le12.2billion (about $2million) for 2015 over 2014 figures.
Posting its financials, the Profit Before Tax jumped from Le34.5billion in 2014 to Le46.7billion in 2015.

Revenue from the banks traditional business of interest and fees on commission, also improved by Le7.7billion from Le83.1billion to Le90.8billion.

The loans and advances given out to customers showed another big increase of Le41.5billion from Le145.6 billion in 2014 to Le187.1billion in 2015.

The deposits from customers also grew substantially from Le484.4billion in 2014 to Le529.6 in 2015


Access Bank (SL) has finally jumped into the billionaire club after they posted a modest 2015 Profit Before Tax of Le1.3 billion which is an increase of Le468.4million over the 2014 figures of Le867.7million

The Bank’s revenue from fees and commission grew by Le1.3billion from Le11.4billion in 2014 to Le12.7billion in 2015
The loans and advances increased by Le3.1billion from Le12.7billion in 2014 to Le15.9billion in 2015.

The total assets of the Bank grew by Le6billion from Le151.9billion in 2014 to Le158billion in 2015; and its liabilities increased by le4.7billion from Le122.8billion in 2014 to Le127.6billion in 2015.


SKYE Bank has posted a fairly modest profit of Le4.3 billion which is up by Le1.9billion for 2015 over the 2014 figure (Le2,359,989,000).
Revenue from fess and commissions increased by Le3.1billion from Le8.6billion in 2014 to Le11.8billion in 2015.

Deposits from customers increased by Le16.7billion from Le42.2billion in 2014 to Le58.9billion in 2015.

Loans and advances given out to customers amounted to Le24.1 billion in 2015 showing an increase of Le3.7billion over the 2014 figures (Le20.3billion).