Our attention was drawn to a story published in one of the local tabloids, quoting Information and Communication Minister, Alpha Kanu saying in defense of a whopping one hundred and one million Leones (Le101M) purportedly to pay his tuition fees at Havard Kennedy University as “the practice that has been going since time immemorial and even during the Sierra Leone People’s Party government” and that he sees nothing wrong with it, as a statement that is ignoble, fallacious and clearly demonstrates Alpha Kanu’s preference for pocketing government funds rather than using the same funds for the progress of the country.


We daresay that his remarks also speak volumes of the fact that Alpha Kanu before now has been prone to making a quick penny at the detriment of others and the state.

We state this based on previous circumstances involving pilgrims who stranded in Nigeria after allegedly paying money to Alpha Kanu for the round trip to Saudi Arabia and back since at the time he was in charge of that scholarship.

The less said of that unholy affair the better.

We are disappointed that Alpha Kanu seems not to realize that paying tuition fees for him at his age is definitely not one of President Koroma’s proprieties.

President Koroma should be ashamed of Alpha Kanu because Members of Parliament were informed by no less a person than the Permanent Secretary in the Information and Communication Ministry that a group of senior officials of the ministry could not attend a very important ICT conference in Brussels because there was no money to facilitate their trip.

Yet, it is understood that the political head of that ministry appointed by President Koroma to carryout his policies in improving ICT in Sierra Leone’s prefers to pay himself for a belated leadership instead of thinking like President Koroma and using the colossal amount to facilitate the Information officials’ trip to the ICT conference which would have benefitted Sierra Leone more than the personal satisfaction Alpha Kanu preferred to national development.

President Koroma should sack this man with his eyes closed because Alpha Kanu by his action and utterances has clearly demonstrated that his ego and personal aggrandizement is bigger that President Koroma’s Agenda for the Prosperity of Sierra Leone and its citizens.

It is also disappointing to note that at a time when the World Bank Country Manager for Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, Henry Kireli was here buttressing that the World Bank is supportive of programmes and procedures which would help bring internet service to all Sierra Leoneans at cheaper rates, the Information Minister is busy allocating and benefitting himself funds which could have assisted more towards the World Bank’s plan for Sierra Leone.

Alpha Kanu is definitely a greedy man who cares little for the progress of ICT in Sierra Leone, otherwise we are quite sure he would have rejected spending money on himself and would diverted the amount towards facilitating the trip of a handful of information and communication experts to attend a very important ICT conference in Brussels which would have been of enormous benefit to the country.

But alas, Alpha Kanu thinks himself bigger that the Information Ministry and by extension bigger than President Koroma and Sierra Leone; the reason why such men with such thinking should be promptly sacked with eyes closed.

Before we end this piece, it is worthy no note that Alpha Kanu even went further to justify his ignoble act by stating that “this was done even in the SLPP government.”

In other words, want he wants believe to believe is that anything whether good or bad done by the previous SLPP government if repeated in the APC government of President Koroma is therefore correct.

This assumption coming from an eloquent and highly educated man like Alpha Kanu smacks of ignorance because he cannot justify waste of public resources by asserting that the same was done by a pervious government; a government whose policies were severally and roundly condemned and discontinued by the APC government.

So, let Alpha Kanu cook up another story.

This is our position.


Abu Bockarie A.

For: Omega Civil Society Group,