Avid readers of newspapers and online publications have noticed an article that has been widely circulated that carries the headline: ‘Sam Sumana Tells ECOWAS Court his Supporters will Turn to Senseless Rebels,’ purportedly authored by ‘Our ECOWAS Court Reporter’ as published in Sylvia Blyden’s newspaper of Wednesday 2nd November, 2016.


While we hold the view that everyone has a right to their opinion, we equally believe that that right stops where it infringes on the peace and tranquility of a nation like ours which has suffered the harsh brunt of a rebel war for close to eleven years. We can understand the frustration of the Minister of Social Welfare as reported by her newspaper that she is being starved of funds to allow her operate as she would wish.

However, we believe that that should not be reason enough for her to be using the Sam Sumana ECOWAS Court case as a scapegoat in the sense that she is building a mountain out of the Sam Sumana ant hill ECOWAS Court case. A lot of water has passed under the bridge ever since Sam Sumana’s case first caught public limelight.

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However, it is only Sylvia Blyden who seems to have gotten the ‘scoop’ about Sam Sumana’s threats he made before the ECOWAS Court of sober-minded and unruffled Judges; that if he does not win the case, he would ignite a rebel war. Ridiculous!

It is good that Sam Sumana is not physically present in Sierra Leone to defend himself and so whoever is passing around this false and treacherous information is indeed having a field day! One would have expected the likes of Sylvia Blyden to have been expending her energy and resources on beneficial things and not using her medium to spew words which are plainly inciting and meant to cause rancor and unrest for the peaceful people of this country.

One does not need to wonder why it is only Sylvia Blyden who has suddenly overnight become the spin doctor who has smelt the rat and is now the official vuvuzela shouting down the throat of government about an impending rebel war to be ignited by Sam Sumana if the ‘ECOWAS Court did not win him his case against the government of Sierra Leone.’ Why is it that all the other vibrant and technologically advanced mediums in this country have not been able to smell this rat which Dr. Blyden is forcing down the throats of the Government and the people of this country? It is like she is being allowed to continue scaring the nation without anyone caring less?

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We at THE FUTURE Newspaper are simply sick and tired of this gigantic false alarm being blown out of proportion by Dr. Blyden and someone needs to tell her to shut up if the government is afraid of doing so.

It is very irritating and even suspicious that she keeps on and on at this, even though no less a person than the Deputy Minister of Information went on air to allay the fears of the general public by saying that Sam Sumana’s case at the ECOWAS Court is the least of the government’s worries at this point in time because it is clear that Sierra Leone is a sovereign state and we would not tolerate or take lightly anyone (not even ECOWAS) to interpret our own constitution for us. So let Sam Sumana do his worst and see where it would get him.

The one-time all-powerful sitting President of Liberia Charles Taylor had done his bit. Where is he now? Therefore, we are of the view that someone the government needs to tell Dr. Blyden to her face to instruct her medium or her boys to stop publishing inciting (though false) reports about a pending attack on this country by Sam Sumana if he loses the case at the ECOWAS Court.

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If we know Sam Sumana well enough, he would fight and run away, but he would not fight to the death because he has a life ahead of him and he knows all too well that there is no place like home. He has quite a lot of assets here (more than those trying to paint him as a rebel); he has a family here; he has friends and loved ones here, and for that reason, we should be asking ourselves what is Sylvia’s motive behind her lone tirade and inciting publications.

Police arrest murder suspects based on motive and so it seems that for the fact that Sylvia Blyden is bent on tirelessly and deliberately inciting articles in her newspaper, and creating panic for the country’s peaceful citizens at a time when the country is heading for a crucial elections, smacks of someone having a motive for doing what she is doing.

It would therefore be in place for the police to invite Sylvia Blyden to question her about what she knows about this pending attack so that if at all there is any iota of truth in it, the police would be a step ahead to nip it in the bud. On the other hand, the Independent Media Commission (IMC) which is the media regulatory body in the country to ensure that the media does the right thing, is somehow incapable or incapacitated when it comes to dealing with Sylvia Blyden’s newspaper. Of course, (with all respect to the Chairman and Commissioners) the problem between IMC and Sylvia Blyden is well noted. It is like when it comes to dealing with Sylvia Blyden using her newspaper to incite and spread panic, the IMC’s hands are tied.

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That notwithstanding, as we stated earlier, we at FUTURE Newspaper cannot sit back and allow Sylvia Blyden to continue to hoodwink the government and the people of Sierra Leone about an imminent rebel attack organized and about to be launched by the former Vice President Sam Sumana without tangible proof in the form of voice recordings, transcripts, eye witnesses and the like.

But then, we are being a little cautious on this issue because we do not see the government taking a stance to debunk this ridiculous rebel attack story being peddled by Sylvia Blyden’s newspaper. It is a little like someone fighting for God when His name is desecrated.