The Minister of Information and Communications, Mohamed Bangura has said in Freetown that government is working tirelessly to tackle the acute water crisis in the capital city.

Mohamed Bangura 2

Speaking to journalists at his maiden press conference yesterday the Youyi Building, the Information Minister said government has put in place temporary measures to tackle the growing water problem. He said government is aware that water is life and that the shortage of water was impacting negatively on school going children who have abandoned their studies to fetch water.

While lamenting on the seriousness of the water situation in Freetown, the Minister opined that water crisis can lead to a change of government but said government was having sleepless nights in a bid to resolve the crisis.

The Information Minister said President Koroma was personally disturbed by the recent development, noting that as a father the water situation was not good for the children and for other implications.

He said, “This is not the time for blame game…As a government we take full responsibility for the water crisis…And I can assure you that we are also making frantic effort to remedy the situation”.

He warned against the deliberate destruction of the pipe lines by people he referred to as lawless individuals.

On the electricity situation, the Minister said that even though they have done a lot as a government, the high demand for electricity use has led to shortage. “We are working with international partners to resolve the electricity problem”, Minister Bangura emphasized.

He accused SLPP supporters of being lawlessness and of double standards. He explained that initially when the Police arrested some SLPP supporters on allegation of riotous conduct on Independence Day, some senior party stalwarts met with VP Victor Foh begging for the release of their compatriots. He said however that the party has been making public statements without recourse to the agreement they had with government on the issue.