“Window curtains, table cloths, chair backs, etc., in all government offices will now be made of gara,” according to the Finance Minister, Momodu Kargbo. “All MDAs will now buy furniture made in Sierra Leone,” he emphasized.

Momodu Lamin Kargbo

On Friday, November 18th, Parliament continued the debate on the 2017 Financial Budget and focused on local content and how to build an economy. The Minister said, “The government is renewing its commitment to increasing the supply of goods and services produced in Sierra Leone. We will support Sierra Leoneans to open new businesses and support the production of Sierra Leonean goods.”

Members of Parliament in the SLPP eagerly added, “Sierra Leone is not prepared to produce local products.”

Hon. Salieu Seasay of the APC, pointed out, “Sierra Leone will not develop if she continues to depend on imports. We Parliamentarians need to encourage people to produce and use made in Sierra Leone brands.” He added, “I am dissatisfied and sad with the manner in which Members of Parliament are politicizing the budget.”

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“Sierra Leoneans should enjoy local products made in Sierra Leone,” said Hon. Veronica Kadie Sesay of the SLPP.” But, she added, “is the government capable of providing the adequate mechanisms to support locally produced, Sierra Leonean products?”

Emphasizing the need to boost the sagging economy in 2017, Kargbo said, “The government will take the lead in promoting local produce. The government will use 10 percent locally produced rice required for institutional feeding.”

MP Sesay suggested to the Finance Minister that the Salone movie industry be empowered and promoted to encourage economic development.