Publicity and Outreach Coordinator in the Office of the Government Spokesman, Ajibu Tejan Jalloh, has issued a stern warning to individuals he alleges are spreading false rumour that President Ernest Bai Koroma travelled with a 50-man delegation to the 71st General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, costing the tax payer US$1 million.

He said the news as mere ‘rascality’ and ‘nonsensical’ behaviour on the part of those Sierra Leoneans who are spreading what he said was “untrue and baseless rumour.”

He made the above statement during the weekly government press briefing at the Ministry of Information and Communication, Youyi building in Freetown last Thursday.

Mr. Jalloh told pressmen that President Koroma left the country with a 21-man delegation, including his support staff, adding that forty people were accredited by the United Nations to enter the arena of the UN General Assembly.

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He said 13 of the said 40 were officers that work in the New York mission, while six other people, including Ministers, were invited by and their travel paid for by United Nations.

“It is nonsensical for Sierra Leoneans to spread such rumour. We have a total of 40-man delegation and as a country we are only paying for 19 people. To say we have spent a total of US$1 million is also not true,” he said dismissively.

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He said people must stop such ‘malicious’ way of talking down on the government, adding that perception could become reality when people believe them.

However, some newspapers have published the 50-man list, including officials serving in our diplomatic mission in the United States. While the opposition Alliance Democratic Party has lampooned the government of profligate spending even as the country grapples with an economic dire straits.