Police attached to the Kenema Police Division are currently investigating the death of a-20 year old woman of Peri village in the Gaura chiefdom in Kenema district.

Knife Stabbing

Head of Media and Community Relations Department (CRD) at the Division, Police Constable 12068 Brima James Musa said the accused Mariama Kanneh aged 22 , is unemployed and formally a school going pupil. She fell in love with one Hasime Jaward a school going boy sometime in 2015 and she is currently nursing 8 month pregnancy.

She is presently residing at Gboyama village under the auspices of Hasime Jaward and his parents. In later 2015 she suspected Hasime Jaward to be having love affairs with the deceased Mamie Kula Koroma of Peri village. She reportedly warned Hasime Jaward to discontinue the relationship with Mamie Kula Koroma, but Hasime did not listen to her.

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On Monday, 7th March 2016 the deceased reportedly went to Gboyama village to attend a disco dance that was organized by the youth of the village. When Mariama saw the deceased, she again reportedly warned him not to go near her, but that Hasime ignored her.

One Massah Borbor reportedly saw Hasime and the deceased dancing in the hall and that she went and reported what she saw to the suspect. This, according to reports, enraged the suspect and she left straight for the dancing hall where she reportedly directly attacked the deceased resulting in a fight.

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People reportedly intervened and separated the two and the deceased was reportedly asked by some people to leave the hall. As she left the hall, the suspect chased her from behind with what was reported to be a knife and stabbed her in the back. She reportedly bled profusely and died on the spot.

Mariama was arrested by civilians and taken to Joru police post for preliminary investigation and later transferred to the Kenema police division for further investigation and has since been held in custody.