German national, Dr. John Grabosky was arraigned before Justice John Bosco Allieu on a 10-count charge of Fraudulent Conversion, contrary to Section (519) of the Company’s Act of 2009 of the country’s laws.

The accused is alleged to have converted to his personal use and benefit over US$217, 8,000 (two hundred and seventeen thousand dollars, eight hundred thousand dollars, belonging to German Drilling Group (SL) Limited.

Dr. Grabosky pleaded not guilty to the offence charged and was allowed by Justice Allieu to enjoy a bail condition earlier granted him by the lower court.

The matter comes up again on 17 October 2017.

In another development, Justice John Bosco Allieu of the High Court of Sierra Leone has sent Makallay Kamara back to the Female Correction Centre in Freetown. She is being charged with the offence of Child-Stealing.

Personnel of the Sierra Leone Police Force alleged that the accused stole 14-year old Memuna Tarawalie on the 11 December, 2016 within the Freetown Judicial District, thereby negating Section (19) of the Offences Against the Persons Act of 1861 of the laws of Sierra Leone.

Although the court could not proceed with the trial of Makallay Kamara, she pleaded not guilty to the offence. Justice Allieu adjourned the matter to 17 October 2017.

The State was represented by Y I Sesay with a battery of State Counsels, whiles the accused was defended by Lawyer Ishmael Philip Mammie.