The Village of Maconteh which is situated by ‘Four Mile’ along the Port Loko / Kambia Highway in the Maforki Chiefdom, Port Loko District, became a deserted Place as early as 5 Am on Thursday 31st. March 2016, when it was established that a man has died at the Backyard of the Assistant Village Headman-Pa Abdulai Kanu.

Yayah Mansaray Gambler Dies

The incident would have remained unreported at least for a couple of hours more, if it were not for the Ward Councillor- Hassan Mustapha Kamara, who opted to make a report to the Police.

When the Team of Police Officers headed by the Regional Crime Officer- Superintendent F. S Tengbeh breezed to the Scene of Crime, a corpse was found wrapped under a Cashew Tree at the Backyard of the Assistant Village Headman –Pa Abdulai Kanu . A Wad of 5,000 Leones that totalled to 20,000 Leones was discovered a few feet from where the corpse was laid. The Team of Police Officers was able to get hold of Pa Abdulai Kanu –the Assistant Village Headman with whom they went along to the Port Loko Police Station where the matter is being investigated.

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Pa Abdulai Kanu who is also the Supervisor of Gambling activities in the Village, is said to have confirmed to the Police that the Corpse is the remains of one Yayah Mansaray – a commercial motorbike rider and one of the 8 People that were gambling at his Backyard on the aforementioned date. He said Yayah Mansaray died after a fight with one Kebie who is presently on the run. As explained by the Regional Crime Officer, the whole thing started Pa Abdulai Kanu had lost all the money he went to gamble with, including the 65, 000 Leones he borrowed from Kebie.

Yayah Mansaray Gambler Dies 2

It would appear the only way through which Pa Abdulai was to continue participating in the game, was to demand for the 25,000 Leones he loaned to Yayah Mansaray. But Yayah was adamant to repay this debt. He argued that it can only be paid after he shall have refunded the money he mortgaged his Motorbike to Alie- another gambler. The situation went out of control, when Yayah came out with a 20,000 Leones bet. Kebie immediately snatched the money from the wring and told Pa Abdulai that he has retrieved his money from Yayah. But Pa Abdulai condemned the method Kebie used to regain the money and refused to accept it adding that it was against their gambling rules.

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Although Kebie was compelled to give back the money to Yayah, a quarrel ensued between him and Yayah which resulted to a serious fight. Yayah was overpowered, swept to the ground and landed on his ribs. The scuffle woke up the other gamblers that were sleeping who separated the two men. They then presided over the matter and came up a verdict against Kebie. But Yayah keep complaining of severe side pains until he gave out his last breath by daybreak.

Sources close o the Government Hospital in Port Loko where the Post-mortem examinations were conducted seems to suggest that Yayah Manasaray died of excessive internal bleeding as a result of broken Ribs.