Minister of Internal Affairs was chosen as the Best Minister at the first Sierra Leone Council of Chief Executives Awards that took place at the Bintumani Conference Hall on Friday 21st October.


Receiving the award, the Minister said he was delighted to win the award and said it is good that there are people out there who recognize good work done in the country. Rtd. Major Palo Conteh said, “The award will spur me to do more and make Sierra Leone safe and great again.

“When I was appointed by President Koroma to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, I knew immediately why and I knew I wasn’t going to fail him.”

He said, “Today, the streets of Freetown are relatively calm as the number of ‘Okada’ accidents has dropped drastically as well as pedestrians can walk with ease and be safe at all times.”

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He said even though some are still breaking the law, they will catch up with them and the okada riders will not only be punished but the passengers they carry.

On cliques, the Minister says he will chase and destroy every clique and gang and every ‘Five O’ will be arrested and locked up. “I think I am the only ‘Five O’ now in the country as the others are afraid to be called that name or we have locked many of them up. We will be testing the gallows this week as we want to prepare it well in case we will have to use it soon.”

When we are going to test the gallows, it won’t be a secret we will invite the press and others to see how it works and we are going to use it very well after we have tested it and prepared it.

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Rtd Maj. Palo Conteh says he is working in accordance with the law as he is very law abiding. “I will not do anything outside the law, it is because we still have the death penalty in our law books that is why I am preparing the gallows for all those the law has found wanting.”

He said the gallows has not been in use for a long time but the death penalty is still in the law books and anybody that is sentenced to death will definitely face the consequence.

“All those who do not want Sierra Leone to be safe and free of violence, myself and my team as well the Judiciary, we will not relent as we will go after them, whether they are in caves, hiding elsewhere we will uproot them and bring them to justice.”

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The Minister assured all that the Award has reinvigorated him to do more as he thanked all those who were present and all those who have supported him in his drive to make Sierra Leone safe again.

The Minister of Internal Affairs commended the organisers and appealed to them that they must continue to recognize talents in the country. “I believe with the Annual Awards organized by you people, it will help to produce more quality leadership in the country as more people will aspire to win it. And the only way they can is to work assiduously within the confines of the law and help make Sierra Leone great again.”