Newly elected Member of Parliament of constituency 107, Francis Kowa on Thursday 3rd March 2016 revealed that he will construct a resource centre at constituency 107 as one of his mandates as MP of the Constituency.


Speaking to Salone Times in an exclusive interview, Francis Kowa stated that the resource centre will serve as skill training centre for youths and indigenes of his constituency. He promised that the project will start at the middle of this year after engaging with development partners.

He added that the resource centre will also consist of Administrative offices that also functions as a place where his constituents will channel their messages.

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Hon. Kowa noted that water has been one of the key challenges that are being highlighted by the people of the constituency. The newly elected MP said he will be constructing 10-12 taps in the constituency. He pointed out that the project has already started at Jamboira Street off Kroo Town Road in Freetown. This he said will be extended to other areas in the constituency.

The astute politician noted that he has come to understand that social and economic progress of the people neither begins nor ends with the result of political elections but achieving national progress is an everlasting route to prosperity.

Alie Bundu, a youth of the constituency told Salone Times that before now they used to have problems of getting easy access to taps in their community, but the newly elected honourable has made it possible for them to get not just easy access to taps but also safe and purified drinking water.

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Other youths of the constituency told Salone Times that on numerous occasions they have been giving their little help to offer what they can to develop their various communities and also elected politicians of different nature to acquire position they demand from them during elections.

They added that many a time politicians have failed to give back to society what is expected from them. “There can be no sustainable development without involving the youth”, one of them noted.