In 1927,the christian missionaries whom at that time cared about their converts and paving the way for more converts established the prestigious Fourah Bay College, an institution rightly tagged “Athens of West Africa”(this description was at the time the most appropriate) because it was where western education started in West Africa and where many prominent Africans acquired western education and to date it has the greatest alumni.The question now is :Is it still the Athens of West Africa? Is question for thought. Examine and answer your self.

In my primary school days almost all my colleagues had the dream of going to Fourah Bay College (even though we live in the provinces and only hear the name) with no other option even when there were a lot of other options.The reason I think was not unconnected to the glorious old days of the institution. Well every other person can say what he or she want to say but if am asked I will say that these glory had flunked and fizzled out and whether the glory will come back is a food for thought as things are changing the more to a rotten status everyday with no hope left for a positive change. If I had the temerity to even oppugn the merit of some certificates and degrees conferred I will surely do,but because I don’t have I will use my virtuoso and maestro to catalyze people with the authority to do so when it is necessary(Hope people will not misunderstand me to be an academic traitor because am also a student of the college)

Now let me look at the “Bad and the Ugly” and you will follow my trend in thinking that Fourah Bay College is moving to a more rotten status every day.We all can remember that few years back students were shrugged off the student hostels in order to rehabilitate the said hostels, but to date not a single wall had been painted,not even clearing off grass around the buildings. This is a contributing factor to the suffering in transportation students face(imagine students living in Waterloo or Allen town and other areas in Western Freetown) and in all contributing to the poor performance of students in dear academia.This did not disturb as much until I found out that even when students are been removed from the hostels there are people living in the hostels and they are not students (and may not even be workers of the college.Besides if they are the hostels is for students).

I am also of the belief that the refusal of the government and university adminstration to fix up the hostels is not away from the fact that they don’t want students to live together as this will or may cause protests against the way students are been treated these days.LET’S PRAY FOR GOD’S INTERVENTION.

Not wanted to disclose this because it is shameful, but I will do injustice to my conscience if I fail to tell my dear reader that in this 21st century when secondary schools and even Tea shops and Nightclubs have internet facilities for their customers, Fourah Bay College hasn’t got any good one and the so-called ICT lab is a “painful Heaven” and there are no plans to improve on the dedicating condition of the Lab…???????? sorriful and yet still we offer ICT as a module.

Well I will be a honest liar if I go about bringing out the ills of the administration and continue to adulate the Students. Here is a university with a library with few students at all times but the back of buildings ate always full with students who are either on one social nonacademic function or the other and some even dodge classes to attend these functions only to blame lecturers for their failure. MY FRIENDS YOU ARE THERE FOR DEGREES OR CERTIFICATES. SO PLEASE PRIORITIZE YOUR PRIORITIES.

As I take my hands off the keyboard am calling on all students to join the campaign #fixourhostels.And don’t forget to drop your whatsapp number or message me on +23276283979 to join the citizens call for accountability forum where we face our leaders and authorities for our rights.