As part of her patriotic duties and obligations to Sierra Leone, Patricia Kanneh Fitzgerald on Wednesday donated assorted computer items to the administration and students of Fourah Bay College (FBC) as her contribution to national development.

Fourah Bay College 5

Patricia Kanneh Fitzgerald is a Sierra Leonean based in the United Kingdom and works in the National Health Services sector.
She has been living in the UK for twenty-nine (29) years but yet she feels obligated to Sierra Leone and thinks she can contribute by donating these items to FBC.

“These items came as result of my office locating to another area and also upgrading our computer system to more sophisticated ones, therefore I decided to gather these assorted computer items and send them here where they will be more useful instead of them going to the waste”.

She furthered that “I’m not a past student of FBC because I didn’t school here but I feel compassionate about the decline of education in the country especially FBC which was once the anthen of West Africa”.

Patricia registered her disappointment over the fact that education is going down drain in the country, noting that it’s a shame to say most prominent leaders in West Africa attended FBC because the country in those eras offered quality education.

To maintain such standards she urged educational stakeholders to put modalities in place to enable them give a face-lift and enhance education in the country. She admonished students to take their studies seriously for their own development and the country’s. She emphasized that Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad should work together to develope and improve on the lost glory and regain the country’s name as the best in West Africa.

Receiving the items, the Deputy Vice Chancellor and Principal, FBC, Professor Sahr Thomas Gbamanja expressed gratitude to Patricia Kanneh Fitzgerald for her gesture towards the college, stating that its shows her commitment to development.

He commended the lady for taking up such venture and assured her that the college administration will make good use of the computers and stated that the items will be used to develop a computer lab for students.

Prof. Gbamanja told Patricia that the college administration is working assiduously to maintain standards and also to improve on the college curriculum as they are working to improvise more courses that will reflect on the current trend of education internationally.