Four SLFA Officials were monday evening ambushed, kidnapped, manhandled and ransacked along the Pujehun-Bo highway by a gang of thugs headed by Kasho J Holland Cole and John Dissa.

Isha Johansen-Sierraloaded

The officials, Brima Mazola Kamara Vice President{1}, Abdul RahmanSwaray Assistant Secretary General, Sorie Ibrahim Sesay, Tournament Officer, and Badara Ex Officio member fell in an ambush as they went to the Southern Region of Sierra Leone to do verification of delegates, flouting State House orders.

The four officials were on their way from Pujehun according to source where they were denied from conducting District FA election.

Before this time there was a statement from State House, ordering them to stop all elections and form a seven man committee to run the affairs of the FA.

This decision was agreed by the FA and the stakeholders. But no sooner the FA changed their mind and continues with the district and regional elections without the consent of the executives in power that whole peace deal collapsed.

In Pujehun they were told to get out of the town as they were not ready for their illegal election.

The Pujehun people told them that they were going by the order from the Head of State.

But the FA according to source reply that government has nothing to do with their affairs.

Sources stated that they were forced to go out of the town and on their way they fell into an ambush of angry youths who gave them some slaps and order them to return back to where they come from.

According to a witness, Kasho and John Dissa ordered their thugs to beat up the four and have their properties and documents seized and according to Kasho, “we are acting on the Sports Minister’s orders and by extension, orders from the Office of the President of the Republic”.

Kasho J. Holland Cole, who is an AWOL military personnel and a dismissed police officer for impersonation and robbery; and now a Bishop, was quoted to have said, “we would have killed Isha Johansen and Chris Kamara if they were here with you. We are only leaving you alive because you are not our primary targets”.

The LUC in Pujehun rescued the four and made several arrests but later released the suspects after purportedly receiving a call from the Minister of Sports, Paul Kamara.

“The minister called the LUC and told him that this is a presidential order and that we shouldn’t go ahead with the prosecution. We were forced by the minister and several top officials to release the suspects and we had no alternative but to comply,” a police officer who was on the scene said.

When contacted in Bo city, Kasho and John Dissa admitted committing the kidnapping adding that they were acting on orders from the minister of sports and the Office of the President to prevent the SLFA team from executing their “underground regularization” and Kasho said, “I begged my guys not to strip them naked after taking all their properties” and John Dissa said, “I told my guys to give Brima Mazola two slaps only and beat the others mercilessly”.

A senior sports analyst told Sierraloaded that the government needs to put stop to these ugly incidents happening in sports now or prepare for the worst to happen.

The FA President, Madam Isha Johansen said, “I’m appalled by this continuous physical abuse on our staff and in our premise and therefore as Head of the SLFA, I’ll do all in my capacity to ensure that the culprits are brought to book. They must pay for their actions against these fine gentlemen”.

Since this fracas began, Sierra Leone has not made any progress in football with the season going to an end without the clubs kicking a ball.

Sources stated that the four officials and the disgruntled youths made contrary reports about the incident at the Bo police station.