Former Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), Alimu Bah, has called on the current Isha Johansen administration to revive and rename the FA community football tournament in honour of the former SLFA president, the late Justice Tholla Thompson.


The former SLFA president, who passed-away on Monday, 26 September, at his residence, was said to have inaugurated the football association’s national community tournament during his reign as SLFA boss.

And according to Alimu Bah, the current administration should not only revive the tournament in honour of the late man but also rename it after him and ensure it becomes a yearly tournament and part of the FA’s calendar.

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“Taking a look at his contribution towards football, it is but fitting the current SLFA body consider reviving the community football which will also help the game and further label it as the ‘Justice Tholla Thompson tournament’ in honor of his service to the beautiful game,” the former SLFA scribe said.

Reacting to Alimu Bah’s call, SLFA media officer, Abu Bakar Kamara, applauded the suggestion and called on the former FA secretary general to help the current administration work in that light.

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He said: “This is a good idea by Bah but we need his expert idea and details about this tournament as virtually we are all new in the current administration. We don’t have the idea or the records on how such competition was operating.”

The late Tholla Thompson was SLFA president when the Sierra Leone U-17 team qualified for the 2003 FIFA U-17 World Cup in Finland, and it was under his administration that saw the construction of current SLFA academy and secretariat at Kingtom.