The former Attorney General Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara has denied involvement in any corrupt as claimed by the recently released Government Transition Team (GTT) report.

Writing in a public statement, Joseph Kamara pointed out what he calls serious flaws and inaccuracies in the report, and is asking the government to retract. This is what he wrote:

“This is an attempt to put the records straight and not designed in any way to undermine the desire to curb corruption in our beloved country. However, I note with consternation, the last line on page 17, through to the findings on page 18. The statement refers to a meeting held in June 2014 at the offices of the former Attorney-General & Minister of Justice, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, wherein the Sewa Grounds Market Company Limited was formed and project cost agreed at US$36.1 Million.”

He further wrote: “Let me make it categorically clear that on the said date of June 2014, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, was not Attorney-General & Minister of Justice, as alleged, and at no point in time in my entire life was a meeting held to which I was present and matters of the nature as described above were discussed, nor such conclusions reached.”

He added that: “A simple diligent inquiry would have averted what now appears to be a deliberate attempt to cast a slur on my integrity and reputation that has been duly earned in the course of over 40 years.”