Former APC Flagbearer Aspirant, Alimamy Petito Koroma has told APC diaspora members that he supports President Julius Maada Bio’s fight against corruption and the commission of inquiry.

Alimamy Petito Koroma also said that if the truth comes out and anybody is found culpable including himself the full force of the law must take its course.

Supporting President Bio’s argument on the fight against corruption, Mr Koroma also said that the fight against corruption is to send a message that politics cannot continue to rub the people.

Like Victor Foh, Mr Koroma also said that he will subject himself to the commission of inquiry because he is confident of his stewardship in the former APC Government.

The latest endorsement for the Commission of Inquiry by a senior APC comrade and former government official follows the former APC Vice President, Victor Foh’s endorsement of the Commission of Inquiry.

On another development the President Julius Maada Bio has also sent the strongest message yet to the Chairman and Leader of APC and the entire party that anyone who is invited at the commissions of inquiry and fails to attend the full force of the law will be used. The general public has commended the President for this stance and it is a demonstration of his disciplined leadership.