Friends of Rokel Development Association (FORDA) over the weekend inaugurated their elected Chairman, Mr. Safia L. Moiwa after an emphatic victory in a hotly contested election on February 20, 2019.

The inaugural ceremony was held at the Tombodu Complex, Rokel Community in Freetown.

Mr. Musa Gbutu, who chaired the Inaugural ceremony, said that the organization comprises member of the Rokel community who have come together to address the challenges faced by the community and to also support government in its development strides.

“Rokel today is a town no longer a village because we have changed the status and that is why we are joining the government to keep improving our community. Today we are going to set history because our new chairman is a man with action and can make that great change that we are all yearning for,” he said.

In his statements outgoing chairman, Mr. Borbor Deen Sesay said, “Today I know I am given a leadership to someone who will make Rokel because of his wealth of experience.”

Speaking on behalf of the Chairman of Western Rural District Council, Counsellor Mohamed Conteh of Ward 393, said that as a council they will collaborate with the organization that is focused on developmental. “One thing I like about the organisation is that it is apolitical. “Our doors are always open to you,” he said.

Delivery his Inaugural Speech, Chairman of FORDA, Mr. Safia L. Moiwa, said that the endorsement of my candidacy by over 80% of valid vote cast by the people of Rokel reposing confidence in my leadership, leaves him awestricken and at once being on his toes to deliver on my manifesto.

The chairman said that “I saw an opportunity here with our cooperation as a community of enterprising people, to grow Rokel to a cosmopolitan settlement with complementary added values. I consider this a worthy sacrifice to work together with my community, overcoming the developmental challenges affecting us all in diverse ways and in different proportions for a better environment for us here today and posterity.”