The second prosecution witness in the ongoing preliminary investigation of the murder of Mohamed Karimu aka Dady George has told the kenema magistrate court that Mohamed Fonnie ,(first accused ) stabbed the late man in his presence on the 27th May 2016 along Blama Road in Kenema.

SLPP Member Stabbed

The witness John Kefala Samowa ,SSS 4 student of Wesley Secondary School Segbwema today 22nd June ,2016 during the third hearing in the Kenema Magistrate court presided over by Magistrate ALHAJI Sulayman Koroma said while he was moving toward their vehicle together the late man , the first accused (Fonnie aka Abacha ) came and stabbed him with a knife (which was later identified in court) and minutes later died in the Kenema Government Hospital.

The witnessed was led by the prosecution team comprising Aiah S . Allieu and Umu Sumarie ,representing the Attorney General told the court that while the accused persons were dancing and chanting Kamajor songs in Mende at Sport Club day before the stabbing, said “Fonnie told us their target was John Oponjo Benjamin who they will kill and Bio will walk on his dead body to State House”.

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The defence Lawyer Timothy Sowa requested for an adjournment and also made appreciation for police statements of the witness and the accused persons to be made available to him.

The application was granted after some legal intellectual gymnastics over rightful citations of provisions for availability of witness statements to defence. The prosecution team had to come to the aid of the defense by reading the relevant provisions.