In a move that has seen Sierra Leone’s political World buzzing this morning, the Vice President of Sierra Leone, Victor Foh has come in for heavy criticism over his statement in Kono.


According to reliable sources, Victor Foh, in his speech has openly threatened the Chiefs in Kono and their kinsmen saying that they will not see development if they sabotage efforts being made to ensure that the APC Bye-Elections candidate is being elected.

“Where in the world does a vice president threaten citizens that their region will not see development if they choose not to vote for his party?, Mustapha Wai, a citizen who shared the purported audio containing the speech said.

The statement by Victor Foh reads, “If you choose SLPP, then you don’t want development in your place”

“Oh.. I get Bad road, That’s your business!”

In his reaction further, Mustapha Wai said: “When did national development become tied to votes? Is this why certain places in Kono and others in the south-east have been neglected by the Koroma government? This is an insult not only to the people of Kono but to all Sierra Leoneans in general. Does such a statement not even violate campaign regulations? Where is NEC and PPRC?”

In response to Victor Foh’s threats, Some of the leaders present at the occassion said that they will do his bidding and support APC at the polls.

Some of the  leaders present were, however, displeased by the tone of the Vice President in conveying his message.

One of the Kono leaders who spoke to Sierraloaded in anonymity, said the Vice President’s comments were derogatory and insulting to national policy and Citizen’s franchise.