The first 100% Sierra Leonean citizens – owned international airlines has  landed at Lungi Airport in Sierra Leone two nights ago.


According to Sylvia Blyden, FLY SALONE will be doing flights between London Gatwick and Lungi twice a week. The plane which is a fully serviced, approved licensed & safe Boeing 757-200 plus the pilot & most of the technical crew are all leased from ICELANDAIR which itself is ranked by Airlines Ratings of 449 airlines, as one of the top 10 amongst safest low fares airlines in the world today.

The FLY SALONE management itself is virtually 100% Sierra Leonean with ongoing training of even more of our citizens to handle ground operations at Lungi.

“I intend to personally travel in this plane very soon and might hopefully meet some of you on the flight. I feel proud of this flight. I here congratulate the entire country especially the two Sierra Leonean owners Jihad Saleh & Sam H. Sabrah (latter is a dual British Salone citizen).”, Says Sylvia Blyden