So yesterday my wife told me a story about an incident that happened in Brussels that prompted this headline. In February we were traveling to Sierra Leone to celebrate my mothers 80th and My dads 84th birthday both happening on the same day. In preparation for the events Kipi shipped a dozen very sharp knives for the event. Upon arrival she took 4 of these knives and placed them in her hand luggage ostensibly for the purpose of dropping them off at her mothers home in Fourah Bay.

She forgot to drop them off and forgot to take them out of her bag. On our way back the 4 very sharp knives were in her bag as we went through the security at Lungi Airport. No one at the security X ray machine detected them, No one at the secondary check point just prior to getting on the plane detected them and the bag was hand searched at that point.

When she arrived at Brussels airport and was going through a security check point the knives were taken out of the bag and thankfully dumped in a trash can.

Here’s my take on this episode. The security screeners at the Lungi airport are too lax and UN-professional. The are more concerned with how much they can fleece out of you than what you are carrying into the plane. any person with a terrorist motive that flashes a hundred dollar bill can carry a lap top loaded with a bomb like what happened with a Somalian airline recently and the lives of all passengers would be at stake. By this post I am calling on the government to either increase the security, order a retraining of all security personnel, double and triple check all bags and packages and allow for enough time for passengers to be personally checked prior to flight. Security personnel at the airport are more concerned with fleecing sierra leonean citizens traveling with food items and exerting pressure on them to pay bribes to allow their food stuffs to be allowed on the plane than they are about dangerous materials getting on board the plane.

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The government should end the ban on sierra leoneans bringing foods back from vacation, with the exception of thinks like palm oil and nut oil which may have a tendency to cause damage to the plane if they are not properly secured. I will do a post on that at another date.

The government of sierra leone has been very lax with security at its airports and at the rate its going even the Arab guys at the airport checking passports are not excluded as possible suspects for potential terrorism and the same goes for any and every employee there particularly those who are intimately involved in the security screening of travelers. They ask for money because the salary that they are paid is paltry. Should the government allow these people to continue to get paid such paltry amounts, then it runs the risk if security lapses when any one of them can be bribed a small amount of money to compromise security.

TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED. Now any of you sychophants can treat this as an anti Government prose. It will be to your detriment.

M. Alieu Iscandari Esq.
Attorney at Law
California USA.