Another fire incident occurred today at main Siaka Stevens street in Freetown.

Siaka-Stevens-Street-Fire 3

However it is reported that the fire fighter responded late to put out the fire and as a result, youths who were at the scene trying in their own way to put out the fire fought the fire officers due to their late response.

According to unconfirmed source, there was another fire incident at the east end of Freetown at the same and the fire officers were also battling the said which resulted to their late response to that at Siaka Steven coupled with the jam parked traffic in Freetown.


Still following development of the fire incident, a team of police officers onboard SLP 097 from the Freetown east later arrived at the scene to beef up support and assist the west in combating and protecting the fire officers who are on the ground to put it the fire.

Sierraloaded gathered that there was no casualties.