This incident occurred recently at the Tagrin Lorry Pack in the Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom, Port Loko District.

Fire Disaster at Tagrin 2

The fire started from a generator machine and engulfed the Telephone charging centre. It burnt down the Waiting Hall of the Lungi Branch Office of the Drivers Union in Kaffu Bullom. Apart from the lot and lots of mobile phones that were destroyed by this wild fire, it also consumed a 16 year old boy beyond recognition and left 2 others with serious wounds.

Although the official version given to the Police is that the generator was outside the Tele centre when it incidentally burst into flames, there is another aspect of the story which says, the Machine was on motion when someone went and tried to refuel it under a hot burning sun. His hands shifted a bit and the fuel was blown off the fuel tank by some cruel wind. The splashed fuel landed on the hot machine and it immediately burst in flames.

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It was at about 2 pm and as usual, some hustlers who often go to idle their time when waiting for the Ferry, were fast asleep in the Waiting Hall. Amongst them were one Alusine Kamara-a 16 year old boy said to be a native of Mile 91 in the Yourni Chiefdom, Tonkolili District and another 17 year boy known as Foday Bendu who hails from Bo District.

Fire Disaster at Tagrin

Detective Inspector Foday Kallon is the Crime Officer at the Lungi Police Station where the matter is being investigated. He told the Sierra Leone News Agency [SLENA] that, Alusine was the first to notice the fire and went to wake up Foday Bendu. The two boys were almost shrouded by the smoke of the fire by the time Foday woke up.

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Fortunately for Foday, he braved through the flames and could only sustain wounds on his feet and left leg. As for Alusine, he was less fortunate in spite of his efforts to have contrived an escape. He jumped towards the wrong direction and hit his head against the Walls. He dropped unconscious and subdued to the flames which eventually consumed him.

Amara Bundu was the Operator of the Machine and 3rd. victim of the incident. He suffered from exhaustion while vainfully trying to put out the fire and was admitted at the Mahera Hospital. Amara was conveyed to the Lungi Government Hospital for examination and treatment. Both are said to have been responding to treatment.