One of the contenders for the position of national Secretary General in the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Mohamed M. Massaquoi has urged the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Momodu Kargbo, the Bank Governor, Keifala Marrah and the Financial Secretary to apologize to the people of this nation for he what he described as failure to execute their duties properly.

Momodu Lamin Kargbo

He further stated that they should also explain to the people of this country where they were when they did not advice the government of the country in relation to the economy until things went wrong, which prompted the government to institute the austerity measures. They should have done so because they control the budget and advise government on economic policy

“They advise government on economic policies of the country and we need these explanations to know whether government is really genuine in their action,” he started.

Mr. Massaquoi added that, in the nine years of APC government rule, the country has obtained serious debts to a level even those that loaned us are very concerned and are afraid if the government will be in the capacity to pay their debts.

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He maintained if the government does not reason out well it will reach a time wherein the country will resolve in solving debts crisis and if we reach that level the poor will suffer more.

The SLPP Secretary General candidate accused the government of keeping the monies to campaign the people come 2018 general election because they have not told the people how the money save from the austerity measures was going to be utilized.

“We have been getting the signs of a very serious economic hardship since APC came to power and they were unable to control it,” he maintained.

The SLPP politician stated that the government should have done massive public education about the austerity measures before implementing them, stressing that when the government want to change fuel from gallon to litre, there was massive sensitization.

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He said many of them are suspicious as political animals as the austerity measures was a ploy to save money because if the government wants to cut down from 10-7 they have to explain to the people the reason for the savings.

He rhetorically asked why the government should institute the austerity measures in the forth quarter when some MDAs did not even receive their first quarter.

He concluded by saying the austerity measures will undermine the successful implementation of projects in the food, security, health and other sectors.