It is little wonder that many people are saying that presidential and parliamentary elections that are expected to be held in February 2018 have now been postponed to February 2020; an additional two years.

According to unreliable information reaching this press from unreliable sources within the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) there is much work to be done to regularize and get the party ready for the next election, and so additional time of two years is being recommended by no less a person than the Chief of all Comedians.

Speaking in a BBC interview shortly after President Yayah Jammeh of The Gambia made his concession speech following his defeat by a man called Adama, Sierra Leone’s Chief Comedian in the Ministry of Comedy, Alpha Kan Lie told the country and the world that the presidential elections expected to take place in February 2018, will now take place in February 2020.

He highlighted the following reasons for the delay:

1) “The number of flag bearers in both the APC and SLPP is too big and must be depleted to only one (1). But here is where the bone of contention lies.

The SLPP pa-o-pa camp is saying that the only choice for them is a retired renegade soldier who coined the term sobel when he brought Saybanah straight out of the bush rather surprisingly, as if the two of them had been communicating all along.

Then there is the other camp which is accused of wanting to turn the SLPP into a UN Garage by bringing first Tejan Kabbah (of blessed memory who sold SLPP to APC; something which the SLPP is refusing to forget); and now they are bringing in another UN Mechanic in the person of YKK to come and work in the SLPP Garage and eventually in the Sierra Leone Works Yard.

This group is also saying that it is only YKK pa-o-pa that should be considered for flag bearer…and so a standoff is inevitable.

On the APC side, the main problem is that most of the would-be flag bearers want to eat their cake and have it at the same time. They do not want to relinquish their juicy positions in the government until Election Day stares them in the face.

They are conveniently forgetting to remember that the constitution says that for anyone wanting to contest for an elective position in the government and if such person is receiving salary from the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF), that person must resign one whole year from the juicy position before Election Day.

But because the current batch of would-be flag bearers are loathe to give up their jobs, and their boss the Chief Executive is not reminding them of this, it will only affect the exact date for the election to be announced until a time when they all decide to resign en masse.

It seems that it would be only then that the NEC could then have the chance of announcing a date for the elections. But the snag in the whole issue is that the APC flag bearer aspirants are very reluctant about resigning and this is telling on the date for the election. It seems that they are deliberately reluctant to resign because they want to deliberately drag the election to 2020. So you all now see the reason why the Chief Comedian announced that the new date for elections is now February 2010? Ha ha ha! By Director Moisa Managing editor for the future newspaper .