Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) President, Madam Isha Johansen left Freetown on Sunday afternoon for Kigali to honour an invitation from the Acting FIFA President, Issa Hayatou, who stated in his invitation letter that he would like to discuss pertinent issues relating to women football development in Africa and the status quo of football in Sierra Leone.

Isha Johansen-FIFA

With Madam Johansen being the CEO of the Power Play initiative, it is expected that discussions would center on the Power Play initiative, which has been endorsed by CAF as an official ingenuity for women and girls throughout Africa and a discussion on the launching of the said project is imminent.

It is further expected that an overall assessment of the wrangling within the SLFA and President Johansen’s plans to enforce structures and the integrity problems she faces within the FA will be an issue of concern and discussions.

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As a committee member of the CAF Club License Committee, Madam Johansen has vowed to ensure that clubs and players in Sierra Leone fall within the stipulated statutes.

Acting FIFA President, Issa Hayatou

“No person or club is above the nation or the Football Association, therefore, perhaps 2016 might just be the turning point where we will see Sierra Leone football steering into the direction it should,” the SLFA President said.

Meanwhile, the English FA has written a letter to the SLFA President expressing support to the FA in its fight against match fixing and the impending match-fixing enquiry.