A prominent member of the Sierra Leone’s main opposition party, APC, Abdul Kargbo, has accused the President Maada Bio’s led SLPP government of lavishing twenty million dollars on the recently launched ‘Hands of Our Girls Campaign’ which attracted dignitaries from the continent and around the world.

Kargbo said the government of the day is showing less concern about scarce resources in the country with its wasteful spendings and expenditures.

He further narrated that the ‘so called campaign’ has failed on arrival citing the recent case of a 70-year-old man who was guilty of raping a 13-year-old girl sentenced to just two days imprisonment.

He wrote, “Under Julius Bio Sierra Leone is going to retrogress simply because of Julius Bio’s incompetency. Him and his first lady just blew over twenty million dollars on PLO Lumumba and the African first ladies last week.

“Tell me what PLO Lumumba said about Sierra Leone that we already not know; Also, how can the presence of other first ladies help curb rape in Sierra Leone?

“If you think about it those first ladies have no influence in Sierra Leone nobody knows them or their work, so how do you expect them to influence policy in a country where nobody barely know they exist?

Kargbo narrated that the SLPP government has equally been spending scarce government resources on several other projects that has no economic value on the common man. He said the total amount to be paid Judged that made up the Commission of Enquiry is enough to build a new University or set up factories that would create jobs for citizens in the country.

He further urged the government to take a whollistic approach to issues of national interest to avoid being voted out in 2022.