A victim of an alleged sexual penetration has testified in court that the alleged perpetrator who happens to be her father, threatened to kill her if she had disclosed anything about his act to other people.

The alleged accused, Ibrahim Kamara, is a military officer attached to the Murray Town Military Barracks in Freetown.

In her testimony in the Magistrates’ court No.1 presided over by Magistrate Dr. Abou Bhakarr Binneh-Kamara, the victim said she travelled from the province on January 1st, 2016 to spend a holiday with her uncle in Freetown, when the accused asked that she go and stay with him at Murray town barracks.

“While we were staying together, the accused placed me in a private school. On 17th April, 2016 when my stepmother went to the Guard Street market, I was sleeping together with my stepsister in the living room when the accused came and woke us up, asking us to go and sleep in his bedroom,” she explained.

She said the accused then asked her stepsister to go to the parlour and watch movie.

She added that as her stepsister went to the parlour, the accused then placed a pillow in her mouth, removed her pant and had sex with her.

She noted that when her stepmother returned from the market, she explained the encounter she had with the accused.

“My stepmother threatened to place a certain rope on my waist, stating that my stomach would swell up in three days-time and that I would eventually die if I had lied against my father,” she said.

She said she was taken to a nearby hospital where it was discovered that she had an infection on her private part, and that she had some pains whenever she wanted to urinate.

She told the court that she was also unable to sit down properly due to the abdominal pain she had.

She said she usually urinates on her uniform whenever she went to school, adding that such horrible experience discouraged her from going to school.

“When I came from school I then went to the bathroom to change my pant. The accused then followed me to the bathroom and told me that if I expose him to anyone he will kill me,” she testified.

She added that her stepmother had a quarrel with the accused and left the house as a result.

She said when her stepmother left the house, the accused again forced her to have sex with him.

“The following day, I went to my aunt and explained to her. She took me to my mother who took me to the central police station where I made a report. The police gave me a medical paper and my mother took me to the rainbow centre at Cottage Hospital for treatment,” she said.

The accused was arraigned on one count charge of incest contrary to section 10(1) of the sexual offences Act of 2012.

According to the particulars of offence the accused on diverse dates on 1st January to 17th April 2016, at Murray town Military Barracks, sexually penetrated.