A three month old child survived ritual murder by parents in Waterloo past weekend.

Sheku Tarawallie, whistle blower and President of the Council of Traditional Healers revealed the parents of the three months old child have been after him for the murder of their child since January 1st 2016.

He explained that the father, Amidu Tholley, met him on 2nd February, 2017 and told him he has a child he wanted to ritually kill to become rich.

“The father asked me help facilitate the process for him,” Sheku said.

“He further told me that he owes someone Le 5,000,000 which he wanted to pay back.” Sheku said even when he offered paying the debt, the father refused and insist the ritual must go on.

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“Sensing that the father was desperate,” Sheku Tarawallie explained, “I therefore called on the CID Waterloo Police Division to help in the arrest and investigation of the matter.”

He noted that he and his members (traditional healers) have vouched not to ever kill but heal people. Meanwhile, the father (Amidu Tholley) and wife (Fatmata Tholley) have both been arrested and are with the police helping them in their investigation.

In an Interview with New Age, Tholley said he and his wife are from Up Gun east of Freetown. He admits it was their intention to sacrifice their child for money.

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“I am not the father of the child and that the child’s mother had her pregnancy two months unknowing to me, even before our marriage. Upon discovery that the child isn’t mine it was late and there has been no time to denounce her. So I wanted to get rid of her for money ritual,” he said.

However, the child is with the police for safe custody.