Accused Saidu Kamara who allegedly murdered his daughter at Robert Street in Freetown has been committed to stand trial in High Court of Sierra Leone, by Magistrate Dr. Abubakar Binneh Kamara of Court N0.1 in Freetown.

In his committal statement, the presiding magistrate noted that the court had adduced sufficient evidence against the accused, with a special reference to the evidence so far led, and that the accused should stand trial in the high court of Sierra Leone for further trial.

The accused was alleged to have sexually penetrated the sexual organs of his daughter who was now deceased leading to her untimely demise on 25 December 2016, in the Freetown Judicial district, in the Republic of Sierra Leone.

The formal witness, detective police constable Mustapha Bockarie who was led in evidence by detective police prosecutor, Inspector Mansaray M, testified that he recognized the victim name withheld as well as the accused in the dock and recalled the incident of 25 December 2016.

According to the witness, who is attached to the Criminal Investigation Department branch at the Central Police Station commented that on the said date, he was on duty at the Criminal Investigation Department branch at the Central Police Station in Freetown, when Memunatu Bangura reported a of case murder against the accused on behalf of the victim.

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He explained that a team of detectives visited the scene of crime at 63 Robert Street in west part of the country’s capital Freetown and learnt that the victim was ill disposed and was later transferred to the Government Satellite Hospital on Macauley street in east end of Freetown , before the victim eventually passed away at the Ola During Rainbow Centre, Princess Christian Maternal Hospital on Fourhbay road in Freetown.

The witness further testified that statement was obtained from the complainant and the accused person by observing the judges rule and validated his statement by right hand thumb print, stating that he finally charged the accused with the offence of murder, contrary to offences against person act of 1861, of the laws of Sierra Leone.

The accused, Saidu Kamara was represented by barrister Alhaji Mustapha Kamara.