Police attached to the Daru Police division in Kailahun district are currently investigating a 28 year old farmer Musa Mustapha of Sembehun village in Jaluahun chiefdom Kailahun district for sexing a goat to death.


According to the investigation officer DP/C 14462 Mohamed Turay of the Family Support Unit at the Daru police division, he explained to Awoko that they received the suspect and the complainant Bockarie Lahai from the Chief of the village about an alleged sex of a pregnant goat.

The complainant explained that he went with his goat for feeding in the nearby bush of the village and not too far from his working place, and while at work he heard the goat crying.

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Upon arrival at the scene he met the suspect on the height having sexual intercourse with the goat. He said he rushed to arrest him while in the act and that was when the goat fell down and died. The complainant said he took the dead goat and the suspect to the town and reported the matter to the chief and who then transferred them to Daru police division.

The suspect Musa Mustapha admitted to the crime and explained that this is not the first time that he has had sex with an animal and that he always gets the urge to have sex but there is no woman to love him despite his effort to woo them.