The Executive Director of Fambul Tok International Sierra Leone, Mr. John Caulker has informed the media that he is very doubtful as to whether government will succeed in the national post Ebola recovery plan.

Fambul Tok


Answering to questions at his Hill Station headquarters in Freetown, Mr. Caulker said the only way the country can have a sustainable national post Ebola recovery is to directly involve and engage each and every affected community to decide for themselves.

He further explained that for the country to move forward in its post Ebola recovery, it must work in accordance with the people’s plan.

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“This time round we must plan well. We don’t want the post Ebola recovery plan to be like the post war recovery plan. There is need for the country to learn from the past were millions of dollars was given for the post war recovery yet nothing much was done”, the Executive Director noted.

Mr. John Caulker maintained that his organisation has been making frantic efforts by engaging communities in Kailahun, Moyamba and Koinadugu Districts respectively in a bid to form a committee so that they can come up with a plan which will explain to government and NGOs what exactly they wanted in their respective communities.

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He said they have set up inclusive committees in Kailahun, Moyamba and Koinadugu Districts. The Executive Director noted that the work of the committees will be inclusive, transparent and guided by a spirit of self service on behalf of the people and accountable to them.

John Caulker added that committees will be sensitive in responding to people’s needs and facilitate equal rights and justice across all levels as it serves as a driving force to support peace and development in the respective districts.