Osman Kamara and Ibrahim Tacqi were on 22nd February 2016 remanded at Pademba Road Correctional Centre for allegedly impersonating the Metropolitan Police at Sani Abacha Street in Freetown.

Sierra Leone-Police-Stop

Prosecution witness, Inspector Mohamed Ibrahim Mansaray of the Metropolitan Police informed the court that on 11th February 2016 he received intelligent information about the impersonators and informed his boss, Superintendent Simbo and together with his boss they went to Sani Abacha Street where they found the 2nd accused Osman Kamara acting as a metro police officer.

Inspector Mansaray further informed the court that Osman (1st accused) was in possession of various goods he had seized from traders who flocked around him, stating that when he interrogated the 2nd accused, he informed him that he has the mandate to arrest traders as a Tax Force Officer of Trade Union.

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After the interrogation he arrested the 2nd accused together with a plastic bag full of cotton buds and took him to the Metropolitan Station and after filing his report he handed over the accused to the police for further investigation.

During cross examination by lead defense counsel, Inspector Mansaray maintained that he had no knowledge of any organization working as a task force but the Metro Police who only work with the Sierra Leone police to administer arrest of traders.

During his testimony, the witness did not mention anything about the 1st accused, Ibrahim Tacqi and why he was arrested. The matter was adjourned to 29th February 2016 for further preliminary investigation.