Commission of Inquiry told, President Koroma and VP Foh have paid back their over Le1.7 billion unsecured loans to SL Commercial Bank with their end of service benefits.

Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Finance has cleverly tricks former President Ernest Bai Koroma, Victor Foh and Former Ministers over the payment of gratuity and pensions.

Of the Le33 billion paid out as benefits, many former ministers, when they visited their banks met empty bank accounts. Why? Because as the ministry of finance pays the monies, the commercials banks used “long spoon” to settle the debts.

Everest Koroma owes commercial bank 900 million to SLCB paid, Victor Foh Le450 million paid, Henry Macauley 1.2 billion, partly paid as his benefits is not enough, Alpa Khan clears Le373 million at SLCB, Maya Kaikai’s Luawa Resort owes Rokel commercial bank Le6.0 billion, so his Le540 million became a drop of salt in the Atlantic Ocean, etc. the list goes on. So while many people are angry with the Minister of Finance Jacob Jusu Saffa and his savvy Harvard train financial secretary Sahr Jusu, they adopted the Jusu metrics to trick the former 99 tactics gurus. What they have succeeded doing is to make the makes recover bad and unsecured loans.

The banks will make good profit in 2019 and the profit will go back to Government and other shareholders. These two guys played it well and trick the ministers.

Sources from accountant generals department leaked information that even their future monthly pensions will be paid directly into their accounts to pay any remaining loans.