The European Union (EU) has banned no fewer than 108 airlines from 14 African countries from its airspace because of safety concerns. says report by The Economist.

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These include all airlines registered in, among other countries, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Mozambique and both of the Congos.

It was gathered that a recent accident in South Sudan underscores the EU’s worries, noting that seasoned air travellers who criss-crossed Africa a decade or more ago usually have no shortage of hair-raising tales.

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It is not just the tales that were hair-raising. Hard statistics alone might have grounded all but the most daredevil of travellers (except for the fact that shoddy roads continue to make driving in Africa even more dangerous than flying).

In 2011, for instance, Africa accounted for almost a third of all deaths in air crashes around the world, even though it accounted for less than 3% of all air traffic.

Details on The Economist.