The Accountant at the EPA (Environment Protection Agency), Alusine Chernoh Abass Kargbo yesterday was yesterday dragged to court by his legally wedded wife, Mrs. Isata Kargbo for domestic violence.

Alusine Chernoh Abass Kargbo who is standing as an accused person before Magistrate Albert Moody of Freetown Magistrate Court No.2 is arraigned on three counts of domestic violence contrary to Section 2(1) of the Domestic Violence Act 2007.

According to the particulars of offence, the accused Alusine Chernoh Abass Kargbo on a date between 1st and 31st May 2015 at No.15 Fudia Drive, Goderich in Freetown being in a domestic relationship with Mrs. Isata Kargbo to wit his wife emotionally abused her.

On the other count, the accused on the 24th May 2015 at their other residence at No.12 Fudia Drive, Goderich being in domestic relationship with Mrs. Isata Kargbo to wit his wife physically abused her.

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According evidence adduced in court, the witness who happens to be the complainant in the matter, Mrs. Isata Kargbo told the court that he recognized the accused who she knows as her legally wedded husband who she has been staying with for over years as husband and wife at the above address in Freetown.

The witness said she recalled the date when the accused emotionally and physically abused her and even harassed her to leave the houses which they built years back in Freetown.

The complainant is a former Accountant at the Standard Chartered Bank in Freetown while the accused was jobless before they built their first house in the east end of Freetown.

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The witness continued that she ended up resigning her accountant job at the said bank to maintain her marriage relationship with the accused. She said she later received her benefit which they used to build two houses in Goderich.

The witness said that the accused at first went and married another woman without her knowledge but later the marriage broke down.
While the matter was going on at the Magistrate court, the accused then made a counter report against his wife Mrs. Isata Kargbo.

The wife Mrs. Isata Kargbo is charged with four counts of abusive language, threatening remarks and description other than actual name contrary to Section 3(1v) of the public order Act No.46 of 1965.

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The particulars read that Mrs. Isata Kargbo on a date between the 17th January2016 to the 17th May 2015 at the above address in Goderich in Freetown uttered abusive languages with intent to provoke the complainant (husband) to commit a breach of the peace.

As the prosecution has closed the matter on the previous file, the accused Alusine Chernoh Abass Kargbo’s representative Lawyer F.B. Conteh has taken three adjourned dates for the defence toaddress.  Magistrate Moody has adjourned the matter for the last time to the 5th August 2016.