In his continued efforts at ensuring that fraud and other sharp practices are made possible in the Ministry of Energy, the minister Ambassador Henry Macaulay has on Friday 4th November,2016 exposed himself to public ridicule and mockery at the Radio Democracy FM98.1.


He mindlessly told listeners that he don’t interfere into the operations of the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA), but illegally wrote a letter to the acting Deputy Director General, Dr. Henry Saccoi authorizing him to terminate and order the removal of all PEC AMI Meters installed in Freetown.

He hijacked the duty of the EDSA Board members because they have berated and faulted his decision, describing it as “illegally and lacking substance.”

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Macaulay in his interview admitted that PEC Sierra Leone Limited has been performing beyond reasonable doubt by maintaining synergy between the Ministry and its customers in the interest of the common man in the country.

He also agreed that PEC has been helping his ministry to tackle the myriads of problems confronting the Energy sector. One may wonder why demanding the termination of their contract without following due process at this moment.

The minister confessed that he bypassed the substantive Director General, because he had vehemently rejected and carpeted his idea to terminate the PEC contract in respect of the local content policy.

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Sadly, ambassador Macaulay has absolutely no iota of idea regarding the contract agreement between PEC and EDSA, but illegally authorized the termination without considering specific performance on binding contracts on damages.

I observed that he shamefully went to the “Good Morning Salone Program,” without having knowledge of what he was going there to do. Due to the mounting embarrassment and inability to address the issues highlighted in the studio, he went out unceremoniously.

Director General had earlier described the decision of ambassador Henry Macaulay as counterproductive and inimical to the growth of the Energy sector which was why Macaulay decided to used his acting deputy.

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However, the acting Deputy Director in an uncanny way wrote a letter to the CEO of PEC Sierra Leone Limited on the 4th November 2016 mindlessly insisting that the Minister of Energy has instructed the unlawful removal of all PEC AMI meter installed in Freetown with immediate effect.

The Energy Minister became very uncomfortable when the PEC, Chief Executive was called to react to his malicious and misleading lies.