By Chernor J. Bah

Sierra Leone, a country with no serious opposition/individual to speak for the voiceless is said to be undemocratic and full of sycophantic people who sees the truth and hide because of political lines.

A serious opposition should be taking up issues that are affecting the wellbeing of the citizens(majority) but in my country the main opposition is Part of the problem, instead of helping to put government into their toes to work for the interest of the country and the people, they are busy fighting each other.

Having Listened to Survivor album by Emmerson, one will note that the people of Sierra Leone are now embracing Emmerson as a serious opposition than the main opposition SLPP.

Emmerson is a true patriot with love for his country and people. He has been speaking for the people since the time of late President Kabba and is still seeking the changes the masses are calling for since independent.

To those who call him tribalistic and a member of SLPP should rethink and check back when SLPP was in power and Emerson released songs like “Borbor Belleh” & others hit that help sent the SLPP from statehouse..

Let put politics aside and face fact, all what Emmerson put in that music are facts

1. No job for young people. 2. Education is dying.
3. The health system is broke
4. water is now diamond in f/town etc etc

Mortal Man nor to God bra” we should learn to tell our leaders the truth if we want advancement and development..

This song should be a Wake up call for those who are mean well for the affairs of the state to stop the bad practices and work for the interest of the country and it people.

SLPP should stop the unnecessary infighting and monitor the work of government for the interest of all.

We can only become a development nation when the practice the act of patriotism by putting the interest of our country above all and stand up for things that matter to all.
God bless Emmerson