Sierraloaded has received substantial claims revealing how pop singer, Emmerson Bockarie was denied access to use the Siaka Stevens Stadium in Freetown for a musical concert scheduled to hold this May.

Emmerson Sierraloaded

Although facts on this issue are still sketchy at moment, information revealed to Sierraloaded showed that the stadium management through the Ministry of Sports rejected an offer to use the stadium after they became aware that the concert meant to be held was hosted by Emmerson.

According a source privy to the contract, negotiations to use the stadium was already at final stage when the stadium management sent a notice the promoters stating the “the stadium is no longer available for use”.

It was also gathered that the Stadium management failed to give clear reasons why the stadium is not available even when the promoters cited the recently held aftermath independence concert that was graced by Nigerian Music star, Wizkid as a proof that the stadium should be available.

Upon findings, It was observed that the rejection notice came days after Emmerson released his second studio album “Survivor”.

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The album contained one of the controversial song of the century, “Munku Boss Pan Matches” where the Sierra Leone government was heavily criticized as corrupt and inefficient.

Bockarie in the strong worded song revealed that government Ministers are not running public offices anymore and that they have transformed their offices into private ventures in the country leaving the ordinary people to live in extremely hardship.

He accused Ministers of only signing documents that bring monetary benefits to them and those they do not get any direct profit from are kept on shelves. He pointed out that the current affairs of the country is in a sad state and that the present government is very wicked and does not care about the masses.

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The music star disclosed that a praise singing committee has been set up and that no one will acquired a job if he or she is not part of the committee or a red card carrier or otherwise join the Friends and families and failing to do same will result to trouble.

The frontline music star said the current education system is a shame, and pointedly accused various sectors for not speaking the truth, like; judges, reporters Parliamentarians etc for fear of an unknown man. He asked whether these guys are actually on a road construction?

Furthermore, he said a lot of youth are unemployed and but government is in the habit of pronouncing fake employment scheme and figures contrary to the reality on the group.

Again, he noted that there’s no water, no electricity and there’s poor education leaving a scar on the country. He went on to state that the Free Health Care initiative is limited to panadol. He vowed to continue to sing as long as he does not call names.

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Emerson also accused all government Ministry of abandoning their respective mandates, adding that the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security have allegedly concentrated on a cosmetic road construction.

The album is said to have been widely sold and is believe to influence the out come of the 2018 election. Hence, a step that triggered the government to stop him from using the National stadium. It is believed that hosting a musical concert on a stadium capable of occupying hundreds of thousands of people for a big Artiste like him might influence people’s attitude against the government.

When contacted, Emmerson declined to comment saying that “we would rather not speak on this issue for now”. However, the sugar Entertainment management confirmed to Sierraloaded that attempts was made to use the National stadium.